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Policy Working Group Lead rapporteur & rapporteurs 

About the Forum on Information & Democracy

The Forum on Information & Democracy is an international entity providing recommendations for the regulation and self regulation of the global space of information and communication. It was founded by 11 independent organizations from around the world including Reporters without Borders (RSF), the Human Rights Center of UC Berkeley, the Open Government Partnership and CIVICUS. It is the implementation body of the International Partnership on Information and Democracy, an intergovernmental non-binding agreement endorsed by 50 countries.

Since its creation, the Forum has already published the reports of 4 working groups: How to End Infodemics (2020), A New Deal for Journalism (2021), Accountability Regimes for Social Networks and their Users (2022) and Pluralism of information in Curation and Indexation of Algorithms (2023).

You can learn more about the Forum at www.informationdemocracy.org.

About the Working Group on artificial intelligence and its implications for the information and communication space

The rapid development and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and its application in all spheres of life has important implications for the global information and communication space. AI applications are becoming easily accessible to the general public and can be used with little or no programming knowledge. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, image or video creation tools, enable anyone to become a creator of content. Predictive AI applications are playing a growing decision making role in curation, moderation and verification of information.

The Forum on Information and Democracy will launch in Summer 2023 an international and interdisciplinary working group on artificial intelligence and its implications for the information and communication space. The working group will be composed of around 12 well known figures from international organizations, academia and civil society.

Its recommendations will be published in early 2024.

About the (Lead) Rapporteur

To support the drafting of the report and the identification of recommendations, the Forum on Information and Democracy will recruit a Lead Rapporteur as well as one or two rapporteurs.

The (lead) rapporteur will report to the Policy Manager and validate the outline, thematic areas and recommendations of the report with the working group and the Policy

Manager. The (lead) rapporteur will coordinate with the staff of the Secretariat of the Forum which monitors progress of the working group

Responsibilities of the Lead Rapporteur:

  • Develop the draft outline of the report
  • Manage the overall drafting process of the report
  • Draft the questionnaire for the consultation process
  • Be responsible for the overall quality control of the report

Responsibilities of the rapporteurs with support of the Lead Rapporteur:

  • Compile, categorize, and analyze contributions from experts and stakeholders.
  • Organize and run one-on-one interviews with contributors if and when needed.
  • Participate in meetings of the Working Group and integrate their feedback in the drafting process
  • Draft recommendations


  • Kick-off: August 2023
  • September to December 2023: research, consultations, interviews, drafting
  • January 2024: Finalization of the report and validation
  • February 2024: Publication

Skills and Experience:

Successful candidates are likely to have the following skills and experience:

  • Masters degree in Law, Political Science, Communications or Computer Science with some specialization in the international information space
  • Expertise in artificial intelligence, regulation of platforms and digital space, mis-and disinformation, media law, intellectual property, data privacy
  • Experience    with    policy    development    processes,    including stakeholder engagement, consultative deliberation and collaborative drafting
  • Experience   working   and   engaging    with                   policymakers,    civil            society                   and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders
  • A flexible mindset and ability to work in a fast-moving environment
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Experience of working in multiple countries and/or diverse multinational workplaces
  • Knowledge of multiple languages, including French, is preferable


Contract: freelance contract

Wages: negotiable depending on the prole

Start date: August 2023

End date: 29 February 2024

Recruitment process:

The Forum on Information & Democracy is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. We welcome all applications for this role. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. If you are submitting an application, please note that we will only be in touch if your application is shortlisted for an interview. This job advert will be removed from this page once the role has been filled.

Please submit your application by email to [email protected] with a CV and a cover letter.

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