Growing hate speech

Nothing seems to able to stop the conservative government that took over in October 2015, and its determination to “re-found Poland” and “make the media Polish again.” Press freedom is one of its main victims. The public media have been renamed “national media” and have been transformed into government propaganda mouthpieces. Their new directors tolerate neither opposition nor neutrality from employees and fire those who refuse to comply. Many blamed state-owned TV broadcaster TVP’s “hate propaganda” for Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz’s murder in January 2019 and frequent demonstrations were held outside its headquarters and regional branches. The increase in harassment of independent media in recent months is looking more and more like full-blown judicial persecution. As before, the government’s leading target is the Warsaw daily Gazeta Wyborcza, which is now in the personal sights of the ruling party’s president, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. To those who urge moderation, the government always responds with the same arguments based on an ideology that tolerates no dissent.

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