RSF unblocks 24 censored websites

How does RSF outsmart censorship?

Operation #CollateralFreedom circumvents technological censorship by means of an original strategy in which “mirrors” or duplicates of the censored websites are created on the servers of the world’s Internet giants. Authoritarian regimes cannot block access to the mirrors without the “collateral damage” of restricting their own access to the services of these Internet companies.

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RSF has to buy bandwidth to keep its mirror sites accessible. The more they are visited, the faster this bandwidth is used up. By making a donation, every Internet user can help to fund the bandwidth needed to maintain and extend access to the unblocked websites. New: RSF is offering a Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension called “Censorship detector” that facilitates access to websites within the countries where they are censored.

Websites unblocked by RSF

Focus on Censorship


After eliminating all media pluralism and imposing a climate of fear in society as a whole, the Azerbaijani government does not feel the need to block all independent news websites. But it does occasionally block on an ad hoc basis, as it did with the sites of the newspaper Azadlig, Meydan TV, Radio Azadlig and Voice of America in late 2016. The authorities were also quick to disconnect all Internet access for two weeks in the village of Nardaran when there was rioting there in November 2015.

As a rule, the authorities keep a close eye on the Internet and harass not only critical bloggers but also members of their families. The well-known blogger Mehman Huseynov was sentenced to two years in prison on 3 March 2017 for describing how he was tortured while arrested two months previously. The authorities keep on reinforcing the legislation governing online defamation but they usually resort to trumped-up charges of drug possession or aggravated assault to jail bloggers and journalists. And they use an army of trolls to combat criticism on online social networks.

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