News blackout in the north

With just months to go before parliamentary and presidential elections that Mozambique’s ruling party is no longer certain to win, the authorities are doing everything to prevent coverage of the armed Islamist militants operating in the north of the country. An investigative journalist was detained for several days in December 2018. A month later, a reporter who had been interviewing victims for a local TV station was also detained by soldiers and then charged with “violating state secrets.” News coverage could also decline dramatically if a decree increasing press accreditation charges, including for foreign journalists and media, were to be implemented. It stipulates charges of several thousand dollars for permission to film and could turn Mozambique into Africa’s most expensive country in which to report. Attacks on journalists, which were frequent during the 2018 municipal elections, the media’s lack of resources, and self-censorship complete the steadily darkening picture for press freedom.

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