One scandal after another

Ranked first in the World Press Freedom Index for five years running, Finland was finally ousted from the top spot by Norway in 2017. Finland meanwhile ranks fourth in the world for newspaper readers per capita, with 200 newspapers, including 33 dailies. The image of Finland’s flagship public broadcaster Yle was dented in December 2016 by the so-called “Sipilägate” scandal, in which Prime Minister Juha Sipilä allegedly pressured Yle to modify its coverage of a story involving him. Yle denied the allegations, insisting that it was no more than an internal editorial dispute between two reporters and their editor. All three subsequently resigned. The home of a journalist with Helsingin Sanomat, the country’s biggest daily, was searched in December 2017 after she reported in the newspaper that a Finnish military intelligence agency had been spying on Russia. A court ruled that, despite the search, the confidentiality of her sources had not been violated. A major enquiry is still under way to determine whether she and her colleagues broke the law by publishing classified military files.

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