Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Impunity’s champion

The Democratic Republic of Congo is engulfed in a profound political and security crisis that has had a terrible impact on press freedom. Threats, physical attacks, abductions, arrests, and cases of prolonged detention targeting journalists are almost never investigated. Under President Joseph Kabila, who has clung to power since 2006, at least 11 journalists have been murdered without consequence for the perpetrators. In the course of covering the latest anti-Kabila protests, reporters have been systematically targeted by the security services, which act with complete impunity. Radio stations that interview government opponents are often shut down or ransacked. The authorities often disconnect the Internet or block access to social networks, depriving the public of access to freely reported news and information. Of late, they have also targeted the international media, jamming Radio France Internationale’s local transmissions in Kinshasa for nine months. The government seems ready to do anything to prevent both Congolese and foreign journalists from covering its increasingly ruthless authoritarianism. The use of violence is now so widespread that reporters will probably be in great danger in the run-up to the delayed presidential election, which is now scheduled for December 2018.

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52.67 in 2017

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