Gagged by “Peace and Order”

Thailand is ruled by a military junta called the National Council for Peace and Order. Ubiquitous, all-powerful, and led by press freedom predator Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha, the Council keeps journalists and citizen-journalists under permanent surveillance, often summons them for questioning, and detains them arbitrarily. Any criticism of the junta is liable to lead to violent reprisals made possible by draconian legislation and a justice system that follows orders. The already feared Computer-Related Crime Act was reinforced in 2016, giving the authorities even more surveillance and censorship powers. King Rama IX’s death has not curtailed use of lèse-majesté charges under article 112 of the criminal code as a weapon of mass deterrence for journalists, bloggers, and online activists.

in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index



134 in 2015

Global score


40.07 in 2015


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    journalists killed in 2017
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    netizens killed in 2017
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