Indirect censorship weigh on journalists

Journalists must censor themselves because they are often the targets of violent verbal and physical attacks, and the perpetrators enjoy systematic impunity. In October 2016, on the day of parliamentary elections, several messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber were blocked. The media are subject to political and economic pressure and reporters investigating government corruption are often accused of trying to harm the community.

Investigative reporter Jovo Martinovic was arrested over marijuana trafficking charges and spent nearly 15 months in custody. While he has been freed on bail, his trial is still underway. He denies the charges, emphasizing that the sole reason for contact with the traffickers was for the television documentary that he was producing. His harsh and unwarranted punishment clearly stems from his work as an investigative journalist. Defamation has been decriminalized since 2011 but lawsuits against independent journalists and media are very common.

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