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Professional media and journalists continue to come under pressure from the authorities and key attacks on journalists are not resolved. In May 2018, an investigative journalist Olivera Lakić was shot in the leg. Like in many previous physical attacks on journalists, Lakić's case is still unsolved. In 2019, officials have publicly acknowledged that, due to lack of evidence, the case of Editor-in-chief of daily Dan Duško Jovanović, who was killed in 2004, will most likely never be resolved.
The transformation of RTCG into a public service has been completely halted after the appointment of new management close to the rolling circles.Self-censorship continues to be a major challenge. Although defamation has been decriminalized since 2011, several lawsuits have been filed against independent journalists and media.
Jovo Martinovic, an investigative reporter accused of drug trafficking, received an eighteen-month sentence in January 2019. However, his appeal was sustained by the Appeal Court which ordered retrial which is ongoing. The international community has condemned the verdict.
Three journalists were arrested on suspicion of committing offenses causing panic and disorder by publishing fake news. Professional media outlets have had to cope with serious economic difficulties. The vast majority of state institutions support the pro-government media by placing advertisements in their publications.

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