Relative freedom

Although freedom of information is generally respected in Lesotho, journalism has become more fraught as a result of a political crisis in the wake of the elections that were held two years early in February 2015. The prospect of parliamentary elections in May 2017 and a new prime minister is likely to increase tension. Self-censorship has increased as a result of harassment, threats, and an increased readiness by officials and members of the public to sue journalists. Newspapers and radio stations – the public’s main source of news because of the low literacy rate and newspaper distribution costs – nonetheless continue to be outspoken but they depend on state advertising. Freedom of information exists online as well, but Internet access is limited because of the lack of infrastructure and because of social and economic constraints.

in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index



77 in 2015

Global score


28.36 in 2015

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    journalists killed in 2017
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