Under police protection

Around twenty Italian journalists are currently recieving around-the-clock police protection because of serious threats or murder attempts by the mafia or by extremists groups. The level of violence against reporters is alarming and keeps on growing, especially in Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily, as well as in Rome and the surrounding region. Several journalists have had their homes burgled by criminal groups or searched by police, who confiscated important work documents. These courageous and determined journalists nonetheless continue their investigative reporting. Many journalists have been criticised and insulted in connection with their work by politicians, especially by members of the Five Star Movement (M5S), who have called them “useless jackals” and “whores.” Some journalists have yielded to the temptation to censor themselves to avoid political harassment. As a result of their reporting or the opinions they have expressed, some journalists have been threatened by politicians with withdrawal of the police protection they have been receiving for years.

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24.12 in 2018

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