Under police protection

Ten Italian journalists are currently getting round-the-clock police protection because of death threats, mostly from the mafia or from anarchist or fundamentalist groups. The level of violence against reporters (including verbal and physical intimidation and threats) is alarming and keeps growing, especially in Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Many journalists, especially in the capital and the south of the country, say they are constantly harassed by mafia gangs, which break into their apartments in order to steal computers and confidential work-related documents even when they do not target them physically. These courageous and determined journalists nonetheless continue their investigative reporting. Many journalists are also worried by the recent election victory of the Five Star Movement (M5S), which is often vocal in its criticism of the media and does not hesitate to name the journalists it doesn’t like. Journalists increasingly opt to censor themselves because of the pressure from politicians. Under a proposed new law, defaming politicians, judges or civil servants would be punishable by six to nine years in prison.

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