Significant progress

The past year has been defining for Greece’s media landscape. Alexis Tsipras government has finally managed to allocate broadcasting licences to 5 TV stations, following a long and tedious process and a previous failed attempt two years ago. Meanwhile, Mega TV, the oldest privately-owned TV channel, shut its doors in October. Moreover, the parliament has passed a landmark bill paving the way for the abolition of the “flagrant procedure” for press crimes, with the exception of “very serious cases.” Currently the process is frequently used by politicians and powerful businessmen to arrest journalists. However, journalists continued to face difficulties in doing their jobs. There was a bombing attack on Skai TV headquarters, by a terrorist group who stated that it was against the broadcaster’s “capitalist agenda,” while harassment of journalists by the far-right and the police continued.

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74 in 2018

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29.19 in 2018

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