Physical attacks, threats and media concentration

Pressure from international NGOs that defend journalists had no effect on the media climate in Slovenia in 2018. Defamation is still criminalised and journalists and media outlets are often sued by well-known politicians who smear journalists in public. In 2018 there were at least two physical attacks on journalists and number of threats against journalist increased. Under a “right to correction” in the 2006 Mass Media Act, anyone who feels offended or insulted by a newspaper article can demand the publication issue a correction in the same position in the newspaper. The high concentration of media ownership is weakening pluralism and encouraging self-censorship among journalists. After minister of culture, who is responsible for media legislation, resigned in January 2019 after allegations of mobbing against civil servants in his ministry, any changes to legislation seems to be postponed.

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32 in 2018

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21.69 in 2018

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