A worrying state


After six years under the leadership of Aleksandar Vucic, first as prime minister and then a president, Serbia has become a country where it is often dangerous to be a journalist and where fake news is gaining in visibility and popularity at an alarming rate. While authorities have been successful in prosecuting those responsible for the murder of journalist Slavko Curuvija in 1999, most other investigations into attacks on media personnel have stalled or shelved, such as investigations into the attacks against journalist Milan Jovanovic, whose house was set on fire in december 2018 while he and his wife were asleep inside. The number of attacks on media has risen sharply, while officials increasingly use inflammatory rhetoric against journalists. Some courageous journalists continue to cover dangerous subjects such as crime and corruption. However, due to the high concentration of media ownership in the country, their stories are usually only available on the Internet. Collusion between politicians and media, widespread government-tolerated fake news, and mistreatment of a whistleblower, Aleksandar Obradović, also remain a great source of concern.

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31.18 in 2019

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