RSF delegation to visit Kyiv to launch “Year 2” of support for journalists and media in Ukraine

One year after opening Press Freedom Centres in Lviv and Kyiv, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will visit the Ukrainian capital from 15 to 19 May to launch “Year 2” of its support for journalists and media in Ukraine and to meet with governmental and judicial officials. The RSF delegation will give a press conference on 17 May.

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As this visit is overshadowed by French video reporter Arman Soldin’s death in eastern Ukraine on 9 May, the RSF delegation will pay tribute to him and to the other journalists who have been killed by the Russian forces in Ukraine since the start of the invasion. 

One of the aims of the several meetings planned with governmental and judicial officials will be to ask them to ensure that investigating and prosecuting crimes of violence against journalists is a priority.

The Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), which was initiated by RSF, is meanwhile launching its emergency protocol in Ukraine in partnership with NewsGuard with the aim of supporting quality news media there. This protocol will enable the speedy deployment of the JTI evaluation process to countries where the media landscape is most at risk, and will thereby help quality media to receive support from advertisers, donors and tech companies.

In the past year, the Press Freedom Centres that were opened in March and May 2022 have enabled RSF, together with its local partner, the Institute of Mass Information (IMI), to assist nearly 1,300 media outlets and journalists (three quarters of them Ukrainian) with their coverage of the war. In February, generators and other energy supply sources were distributed to media outlets to help them keep working through the blackouts resulting from an increase Russian military strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. 

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