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Narinjara News

A mixture of newsletter and news website, Narinjara News was created in September 2001 by Burmese pro-democracy activists who had fled to Bangladesh. They are from Rakhine State, the western region from which nearly 740,000 Rohingyas fled in August 2017 to escape a genocide, and they aim to help restore peace by providing freely reported news coverage as an alternative to the propaganda supplied by the government, which imposed an Internet shutdown in June 2019. As a result, Narinjara News was one of the 221 so-called “fake news” sites that were blocked at the behest of the authorities in March 2020, while its editor, Khaing Mrat Kyaw, has been accused of terrorism, forcing him to go into hiding to avoid the possibility of life imprisonment.

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Publié le 06.11.2020
Mis à jour le 06.11.2020