Draconian decriminalization

In August 2016, President Ali Bongo secured another term in office in elections that were criticized by the European Union and were marked by Internet cuts and attacks on the media. A new “communication code” decriminalizes media offenses but otherwise restricts the freedoms of not only the print media, but also all other forms of broadcast, print, digital, and cinematic production. The idea of independent media has yet to take hold in Gabon. Most publications are partisan and there is a great deal of self-censorship. Journalists who try to practice their profession in an even-handed manner are often targeted by the government, political parties, or businessmen, who do not hesitate to use physical violence against them.

in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index



95 in 2015

Global score


31.38 in 2015

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    journalists killed in 2017
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    netizens killed in 2017
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    media assistants killed in 2017
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