Worrying increase in violence

Lenín Moreno’s four years as president (2017-21) defused much of the tension between the government and privately-owned media after Rafael Correa’s three consecutive terms (from 2007 to 2017), which had a dire impact on press freedom and were marked by many dismissals of journalists, and by defamation suits and damages awards against journalists and media outlets critical of the government. Nonetheless, intimidation and attacks against reporters, especially during protests, and attacks against the premises of TV and radio stations are frequent and have intensified since 2019. Ecuador’s journalists were traumatised in 2018 when two reporters and a driver from the newspaper El Comercio were abducted in a remote area on the Colombian border and then murdered. It raised many questions about security and work methods when journalists operate in conflict zones that are not under the state’s control. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the media hard, with many reporters dying after catching the virus. It also had a devastating economic impact on media outlets and highlighted growing difficulties in getting access to state-held information.

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