Journalists pressured to censor themselves

Congo-Brazzaville has been ruled for 33 of the past 38 years by Denis Sassou N’Guesso, who amended the constitution in 2015 in order to run for another term. During the 2016 presidential election, the Internet was disconnected in order to prevent journalists and activists from verifying and challenging the results. The country seems pluralistic but this is just a facade. There exists a score of privately-owned TV stations, a similar number of newspapers, and around 40 radio stations, but they are all under strong pressure to censor themselves and many of them are owned by government allies. Since 2014, several journalists have been threatened, forced to flee the country, or summarily deported for criticizing the government or inviting opposition politicians to express their views. The regime’s political opponents are often jailed.

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115 in 2016

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35.84 in 2016

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