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Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch

Founded by activist and citizen journalist Liu Feiyue, Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch (Minsheng Guancha) is a Chinese human rights news website. Chinese authorities blocked the website soon after it went online in 2006. The website is hosted and managed by Minsheng Observation Room (Minsheng Guancha gongzuoshi), a Chinese human rights group which states "defending rights according to law" as its primary goal. The website focuses on human rights abuses that affect the lower class, particularly the abuse of dissidents sent to psychiatric facilities as well as petitions for workers, farmers, teachers, and residents evicted from their homes. As a result of operating this website, founder Liu Feiyue was tried by Chinese courts in 2018 and finally sentenced in 2019 to 5 years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” and “publishing articles that opposed the socialist system.”

For security reasons, the link is not communicated.

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Publié le 12.03.2020
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