Violence and arbitrary arrest

It is difficult to be a journalist in Chad. Reporters are often arrested due to their reporting. Most are usually released fairly quickly, but some have been held arbitrarily for weeks or even months, and some have reported being mistreated while detained. Coverage of impunity or criticism of President Idriss Deby Itno is not tolerated and can lead to expulsion (for foreign journalists), abduction, arbitrary detention (for Chadian journalists) and the closure of radio stations. Of late, journalists have been subjected to threats and violence by security forces while covering streets protests against the government’s austerity measures. In response to calls from journalists’ associations, the Chadian media staged a “Day without Press” in February 2018, in which media outlets stopped broadcasting and publishing for an entire day to denounce the attacks on journalists and media by the police force. At election time, access to online social networks may be disconnected for several months at a stretch.

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