Demonstrated commitment to global press freedom

Canada illustrated its growing commitment to international press protections this year when it launched, alongside the United Kingdom, the Media Freedom Coalition in July 2019, creating an international alliance between nations that pledge to champion and defend press freedom. In recent years the Canadian government has shown similar leadership domestically, as illustrated when the new federal “shield law” was first tested in September 2019, with the Supreme Court ruling that Radio-Canada reporter Marie-Maude Denis would not have to reveal her confidential sources in a political corruption case she had reported on. However, the reporter-source relationships were threatened months before, when a VICE national security reporter’s years-long legal battle ended with the Ontario Superior Court ruled that he must hand over his private communications with a publicly-named source to the federal police and VICE was forced to comply. And while the federal police continued to block media access to environmental protests on indigenous territories, a March 2019 landmark court decision that affirmed special considerations apply to journalists covering these types of events.

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