No media freedom

The situation in Burundi has become more complex since the 2015 crisis. Most independent radio stations have remained closed since the May 2015 coup attempt but new government propaganda media outlets have been created. Journalists find it hard to work freely and are often harassed by the security forces, who are encouraged by an official discourse associating non-aligned media with enemies of the nation. The journalist Jean Bigirimana’s disappearance in July 2016 has still not been solved. The authorities do not hesitate to summon news editors to “correct” their stories. Dozens of journalists have fled the country and some of them are charged with being complicit in the coup attempt. Social networks serve as news outlets, replacing the gagged radio stations. However, they are also often used by the government in an attempt to silence and censor.

in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index



156 in 2016

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54.10 in 2016

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