No media freedom

The situation in Burundi has been alarming ever since the May 2015 coup attempt. Most independent radio stations are still closed, dozens of journalists are still unable to return from self-imposed exile, and those who stayed find it hard to work freely because they are often harassed by the security forces, which are encouraged by an official discourse associating non-aligned media with enemies of the nation. No journalists were reported killed or imprisoned in 2018 but the media are for the most part dominated by fear, resignation and self-censorship. The campaign for a controversial constitutional amendment, which was approved by a Soviet-style margin, was marked by a clampdown on the media that included a ban on local broadcasting by two leading international radio stations and constant intimidation of journalists. Social networks are used as a reporting tool by journalists and at the same time serve as news sources for the public, replacing the gagged radio stations. But they are also often used in an attempt to disinform.

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159 in 2018

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55.26 in 2018

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