A dangerous time for independent journalism

Another crackdown is under way in Belarus in the run-up to “elections.” Harassment of journalists working for exiled media outlets reached an unprecedented level in 2018 with around 100 fines imposed. News outlets that had previously been spared, such the website and the new agency BelaPAN, are now being targeted. Critical journalists and bloggers have been arrested, leading news websites have been blocked and media law has been made even tougher. Belarus’s position in the 2019 World Press freedom Index seems to suggest an improvement but, in reality, it reflects the fact that the situation has worsened dramatically in so many other countries, as well as the fact that the record number of arrests in Belarus in 2017 was not repeated in 2018.

in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index



155 in 2018

Global score


52.59 in 2018

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