Media crushed by draconian laws

Two years after the “Hirak” anti-government protests began in February 2019, the political situation in Algeria is still unstable and the freedom to inform is in greater danger than ever. Taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis and the resulting halt to the protests, the authorities adopted draconian and vaguely-worded laws in order to clamp down even more on press freedom. Journalists have been prosecuted and convicted for news coverage that is alleged to have “endangered national unity” or “threatened public order and state security”. Several online media have been blocked and are no longer accessible. The harassment is making it very difficult for journalists and media outlets to operate. The authorities are clearly cracking down harder on all forms of dissent as citizens continue to demand more freedoms.

in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index



146 in 2020

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45.52 in 2020

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