“Against propaganda, there are facts”: RSF releases its new global campaign video

As Russia’s propaganda and crackdown on journalism continue to wreak havoc, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is releasing its new campaign video. Devised and produced by the Paris-based advertising agency BETC, this powerful video takes just a few seconds to demonstrate the importance of journalism in combatting propaganda.

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In the new video, Vladimir Putin’s mendacious speeches to the Russian people about the invasion of Ukraine are contrasted with images of reporters covering the war. Only the facts reported by journalists can thwart the Kremlin's propaganda. Like the #FightForFacts campaign video that RSF released at the end of 2020, this new video aims to get viewers to appreciate the importance of journalism in raising awareness and in motivating the public about issues that are decisive for their future.

“Without journalists to cover the war in Ukraine, we would be powerless against disinformation and propaganda, we wouldn't know whether the bombing of civilians in Ukraine was true or false, or whether the Bucha massacres really took place. After the world was stunned by the war in Ukraine, RSF wants to raise awareness about the other war being waged by the Kremlin, the information war.

Christophe Deloire
RSF secretary-general

Eight journalists have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the war. In the occupied territories, journalists are hunted down, arrested and given an impossible choice: collaboration, prison or death. From day one, RSF teams mobilised. In Lviv and Kyiv, press freedom centres set up by RSF provide protective equipment, first aid kits, digital safety training and psychological support to both Ukrainian and foreign journalists covering the war.

This campaign video is intended to help RSF raise part of the funds it needs to continue its work in Ukraine and the rest of the world. Targeted at the general public, it will be carried by TV channels, shared on social media and available to all websites that want it. And it is available in 13 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Romanian, Azeri, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Mongolian).

The video was produced by and with the support of the BETC agency. Film director: Chloé Dupeyrat


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