In Tirana, Albania, measures to strengthen the right to information will be discussed by RSF, Media Council and local journalists

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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Media Council will hold on 3 April in Tirana a conference on how to tackle the challenges faced by Albanian journalism such as media independence, pluralism and sustainability. Aiming to identify specific measures beneficial to the whole society, the event will provide a platform for discussion for and with the Albanian journalists.

Albania’s integration into the European Union (EU) provides momentum for  fostering trustworthy journalism in the country ranked 96th out of 180 countries in the 2023 World Press Freedom Index

RSF, an international non-governmental organisation defending the freedom, pluralism and independence of journalism, has teamed up with the Albanian Media Council to organise a conference to discuss measures to strengthen Albanian journalism and thereby the right to information. In the context of Albania’s accession to the EU, the Head of the EU Delegation in Tirana, Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, will explain the importance of press freedom on the European level. The conference will also discuss how the results of the reflection can be transformed into policy recommendations.

“RSF is proud to partner with the Albanian Media Council to organise a conference for and with the Albanian journalists. Our objective is to come up with specific measures to strengthen trustworthy journalism. In the age of fake news, propaganda and informational chaos, it is crucial to guarantee the right to information.

Antoine Bernard
Director of Advocacy and Assistance at RSF

Specific solutions will be conceived by and with representatives of Albanian journalism and media in three panels: journalism and press freedom in Albania; media sustainability and trustworthy journalism in Albania; and the right to information in the digital environment.

"In the digital age, the journalism business model is changing, threatening the financial independence of the most revered and professional outlets worldwide. If we need to strengthen the ethical standards for Albanian media, then we need to help them achieve this very financial independence. Without that we will never have Albanian media who serve the public rather than the powers that pay. That is where all our efforts should be focused right now.

Koloreto Cukali
Chairman of Albanian Media Council

A press point will be held about the results of the conference at 5:30 pm on 3 April. For registration and more information, please contact Katharina Weiß at [email protected].

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