Supporting media outlets and NGOs

RSF is also in a position to support the activities of media outlets and local NGOs that defend the media or freedom of information.

Supporting the work of media outlets and NGOs that defend freedom of information

This assistance is intended to help media outlets and NGOs to maintain or restore operational capacity in the event of problems (such as attacks, ransacking and vandalism). It may also contribute to capacity-building and development:

  • by facilitating training for their employees or members
  • by supporting campaigns and lobbying for freedom of information and for the protection of information providers.

The processing of applications for support and capacity-building requires more examination and preparation, and is therefore not as fast as the processing of applications by media outlets and NGOs that have been the victims of attacks or vandalism.

From time to time, RSF may post invitations to submit specific proposals on its website in response to developments or in accordance with its priorities.

How to apply to RSF for support

Requests by individuals, NGOs or media outlets for assistance should be sent to:

Reporters Without Borders

Assistance Desk

CS 90247

75083 Paris Cedex 02



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