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In the United States, Reporters Without Borders, Inc. (known commonly as RSF USA) is a 501(c)3 organization carrying out the mission to protect and defend journalists working both internationally and in the United States. RSF USA seeks to raise awareness and involve Americans in preserving freedom of information, as well as monitor and take action to prevent press freedom violations in the United States, Canada, and the English-speaking Caribbean. 

Our Work

RSF USA raises awareness on the current climate for press freedom in the US, Canada, and the English-speaking Caribbean and mobilizes other partners, the US government, the UN, and American citizens who want to support our cause and defend journalism. Our day to day activities include:

  • Publications on US press freedom;
  • Liaising with the lawyers of journalists arrested/attacked in the region;
  • Working with Congress to raise awareness on individual cases/priority countries;
  • Collecting strong data on press freedom violations in order to produce annual rankings for the region in RSF’s World Press Freedom Index;
  • Increasing visibility of press freedom issues in the United States and among the American public;
  • Continuing to work to bring American journalists held hostage abroad safely home, including Austin Tice, the last American journalist detained in Syria;
  • Partnering with American universities on internet freedom issues;
  • Raising awareness through our university chapter program; and
  • Leading RSF’s UN campaign on journalists’ safety by maintaining pressure on key member states and the UN secretariat, along with a coalition of more than 130 supporting organizations.

We also collaborate with like-minded organizations to further fulfill our mission. Below are some examples that highlight our special projects:

Fund for Families

Fund to Support FamiliesLearn More

The US-based Fund for Families provides direct support for the families, employers, and governments of American journalists missing, imprisoned, or held hostage to provide on-the-ground information and contacts, media strategy advice, platforms for the support committees and any logistic assistance needed according to each specific case. Click here to learn more about the Fund for Families.

US Press Freedom Tracker

See the U.S. Press Freedom TrackerClick here

Launched in August 2017, the US Press Freedom Tracker collects data on journalists in the US who have been victims of press freedom violations such as attacks, arrests, border stops, equipment seizures, etc. The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker brings together more than two dozen press freedom groups to create a centralized repository for research. The data gathered will help inform advocacy, journalism, and legal action. RSF North America sits on the steering committee along with the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Index on Censorship, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. View a list of all of the partners here.


Reporters Without Borders also known as Reporters sans frontiers (RSF) is an independent international non-profit that has been defending press freedom for more than 30 years. Thanks to its local network of correspondents investigating in 130 countries, 14 offices worldwide, as well as its consultative status at the United Nations, RSF is able to have a global impact in defending journalists and access to information. RSF has offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Paris, Brussels, London, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei, Tunis, Berlin, Madrid, Helsinki, Vienna, Dakar, and Stockholm.

With the help of a few intrepid supporters, Reporters Without Borders, Inc. (RSF USA) was founded in 2004 in New York City with the objective to extend the international mission of Reporters sans frontières in the United States. In 2005, North America moved its work to Washington, DC to strengthen the effectiveness of its advocacy, and quickly won a solid reputation in DC as an outspoken defender of freedom of information.

Thanks to its staff, board members, and university chapters, RSF North America plays a central role in the assistance of journalists and in the expansion of our grassroots activities, but also in the communication and the advocacy missions of the whole organization.

Giving to Reporters Without Borders USA

Reporters Without Borders USA depends on funding from our community and like-minded individuals to protect journalists and defend press freedom. There are multiple ways to give to RSF USA:

  • Donate through our online giving portal here
  • Send a check for any amount to our post office box at: Reporters Without Borders, P.O. Box 34032, Washington, DC 20043
  • If you prefer to donate via wire transfer or give a gift of stock, please contact our development office by phone at (202) 204-5561 or email [email protected] 
  • Become a member of Reporters Without Borders USA
  • Donor Advised Funds are incredibly popular ways to donate to Reporters Without Borders. Let your administrator know our EIN is 20-0708028 and the address: Reporters Without Borders, P.O. Box 34032, Washington, DC 20043

Become a Member of RSF USA

Become a Member of RSF USAREAD MOREWhen you become a member of RSF USA, you are fighting to protect our right to a free press. Learn more about how you can join here or discover ways to become a student member or start your own university chapter here.

Our Staff

Emma Devine, RSF USA Office and Development Manager

Emma Devine joined RSF USA in November 2019. She comes to us from the World Wildlife Fund where she focused on data management and processing. Emma received her BA in French Language and Culture from Dickinson College. You can contact Emma by email at [email protected]

Collin Wesley Boylin, RSF USA Communications Manager

Collin Boylin joined RSF USA in March 2020. Collin Boylin is a communications professional with experience working for nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, congressional offices, and consulting firms. Most recently, Collin served as a communications associate with the American Educational Research Association. Collin is a Connecticut native who graduated from American University's School of Public Affairs in 2016. You can Collin by email at [email protected] 


The Reporters Without Borders Washington, D.C. Internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the role of press freedom and human rights in the United States and abroad. The intern will be based in the DC office and is expected to work at least 3 days per week and receive a monthly stipend.

Responsibilities include drafting press releases, planning events, managing the contacts database, animating the U.S. university chapters network, attending press freedom related events around the city, and assisting the Washington, D.C. team in research and advocacy.


  • Excellent writing skills are required.
  • Successful candidates will be self-starters who are adept at multitasking. Interns should work well under pressure and still pay strict attention to details, be resourceful, and creative in responding to requests.
  • Interns must be available five days of the week.
  • French knowledge is not required but is a plus.

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] with 2-3 writing samples. Resumes without cover letters or writing samples will not be considered.

Board of Directors

RSF USA has a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. Our Board of Directors includes Elizabeth (Liz) Colton, Chair, Christophe Deloire (Secretary), and Emmanuel Saint-Martin, Treasurer  . Click here to learn more information about our board.

Contact Us

(202) 813-9497

Mailing Address
Reporters Without Borders
P.O. Box 34032
Washington, DC 20005

General and Press Inquiries: Collin Boylin at [email protected]

Donation Inquiries: Emma Devine at [email protected]

Membership Inquiries: [email protected]

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