RSF Launches Svoboda News, a Russian-language channel featuring content from The Insider

In continuing the development of Svoboda Satellite, an initiative to counter the growing trend of media censorship and propaganda, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is proud to announce the launch of Svoboda News, a new channel designed to provide daily independent, reliable Russian-language news content to audiences worldwide, thanks to collaboration with media like The Insider and other leading media and journalists.

The channel Svoboda News commits to delivering comprehensive coverage of current events, including investigative reports, ensuring the Russian-speaking population around the globe stays informed with facts that matter.

This new venture is part of the broader Svoboda Satellite project aimed at promoting press freedom across borders and launched in March 2024. Svoboda News emerges at a critical time when access to trustworthy news in the Russian language is increasingly compromised by state interference and crackdowns on independent media

“The launch of Svoboda News is a significant next step in expanding the offer of the Svoboda package. This new channel builds upon the experience gained in the first weeks of the package’s development and brings together top-notch journalists and media partners to ensure daily news coverage in Russian language.

Thibaut Bruttin
Assistant Director General of RSF

Svoboda News will add The Insider, Russian independent media, as one of its key content providers. The Insider, acclaimed for its investigative prowess and detailed analysis, has exposed numerous high-profile stories that have influenced public discourse. Its YouTube channel, @TheInsiderVideo, serves as a digital platform for these stories, garnering extensive viewership globally.

“We are pleased to partner with Svoboda Satellite to bring our journalism to an even wider audience. This partnership isn't just about expanding our reach — it's about spreading the truth at a time when transparency literally saves lives.

Timur Olevskiy
Newsroom editor-in chief of The Insider

RSF is proud to collaborate on Svoboda News with an influential roster of content partners and respected journalists. Notable contributors include Dmitry Kolezev, renowned for his incisive political analysis; Pavel Kanygin, a distinguished investigative reporter who worked for Novaya Gazeta and Krym Realii, the local branch of the US broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) who specializes in the coverage of the Crimean Peninsula. Additionally, partnerships with entities like The Insider and Voice of America further enrich the channel's offerings, broadening the scope and depth of news coverage.

Global reach through Svoboda Satellite

Leveraging the extensive network of Svoboda Satellite, Svoboda News ensures that its broadcasts reach not only Russian speakers in Russia but also those dispersed globally, including significant communities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. This initiative underscores RSF’s commitment to bypassing governmental restrictions on information dissemination, thus empowering individuals with the freedom to form their own opinions based on independent reporting.

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