RSF backs new centre for Russian exile journalists in Paris

The French association Russie-Libertés (“Russia-Freedoms”) has opened a coworking space in Paris for Russian and Russian-speaking exiles to use for civic and anti-war activities. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is a partner in this initiative and is funding a professional studio within this space for exile journalists.

This co-working space, which is 185 square metres in area, was opened on 28 February  by the French association Russie-Libertés with support from the Free Russia Foundation and the Sakharov Institute, two organisations that back civil society projects. It is meant to facilitate civic and anti-war activities by Russian and Russian-speaking exiles, including journalists, who share the values of democracy and freedom. A professionally equipped studio funded by RSF is intended for use by the exile journalists, in this place located in the centre of the French capital.

“Journalists forced into exile because of persecution and censorship by the Russian authorities want to continue providing their fellow citizens with news reporting from France. RSF welcomes the opening of a unique space in Paris, conducive to constructive interaction, which will allow them to work freely.

Jeanne Cavelier
Head of RSF’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia desk

Aside from the studio equipped with cameras, microphones and teleprompters, the coworking centre will provide legal assistance, including advice on the legal status of Russian refugees, psychological support and French language lessons. Journalists, human rights defenders, scientists and cultural workers will be able to cooperate on projects and support each other.

Named Espace Libertés | Reforum Space, this Parisian co-working space is run by Olga Kokorina and is the latest addition to the Reforum Space network that already has a presence in five European cities – Berlin, Vilnius, Tallinn, Tbilisi and Budva – and has hosted hundreds of projects and thousands of Russian exiles.

 More than 900 events, meetings, open debates, themed evening events, conferences, training sessions, exhibitions and discussions have already been held at these centres.

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