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Radio Free Asia

Created as a non-profit broadcaster in 1996 and funded by the US Congress via the Broadcasting Board of Governors, Radio Free Asia aims to provide independently- reported news and information to Asian countries that have little or no alternative to government propaganda. Its Vietnamese service, launched in 1997 with two hours of programming a day, is very popular with Vietnamese citizens tired of the propaganda put out by the state media.

Radio Free Asia also has a website that serves as an alternative way of reaching its potential audience. If offers enriched content and detailed coverage of all of the key issues in Vietnam, with a special focus on democracy, civil society and human rights. Although Vietnam has one of the region’s highest Internet penetration growth rates, it blocks the Radio Free Asia website and thereby prevents its approximately 40 million Internet users from accessing a source of independent and critical information unless they circumvent the censorship by using secure browsers and virtual private networks (VPNs).