Rodney Sieh

Rodney D. Sieh has seen a lot. In Liberia during the terrible civil war that began in 1989, where he would cover massacres from the front line for the Monrovia Daily News. In Gambia, where he sought refuge in 1992 and reported for his uncle Kenneth Best’s Daily Observer newspaper about the deaths and disappearances that followed Yahya Jammeh’s coup d’état. In London, where he fled in 1994 to escape the man who is still Gambia’s dictator. In the United States, where he garnered journalism diplomas and worked for many newspapers. And back in Liberia, where he launched the country’s most popular and hard-hitting news website and then newspaper, FrontPage Africa, in 2005. It’s no surprise that its coverage of elite corruption and social injustices have brought him problems, including jail and a three-month ban in 2013. But he’s used to it.

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