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Algeria : Saïd Chitour has been released !

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Saïd Chitour, a fixer and stringer for such international media as the BBC and Washington Post, was arrested by intelligence officials at Algiers international airport on 5 June 2017 and is being held in the capital’s El Harrach prison.

He is accused of “sharing intelligence with a foreign power” but his lawyers say the prosecution has absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

A court in the Algiers district of Bir Mourad Raïs nonetheless upheld this extremely grave charge on 12 November and transferred the case for trial before a criminal court.

As a result, Chitour is now facing the possibility of a life sentence under article 65 of the criminal code.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns this decision and calls on the Algerian judicial authorities to free Chitour as matter of urgency. RSF is also worried about the very trying conditions in which he is being held. They are taking a great toll on his poor health.

“My son is diabetic and has lost 20 kilos in prison,” said his mother, Louisa Chitour. “He could die there. His three children are extremely upset. Rescue us from this nightmare, which is killing us slowly.”

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Updated on 21.02.2020