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Every year, Reporters Without Borders pays tribute to defence and promotion of freedom of information throughout the world, awarding two Prizes. With the Reporters Without Borders' Prize, awarded in December and the Netizen Prize, on the World Day against Cyber Censorship, the organization honors the work of bloggers, journalists and media around the world.

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The Reporters Without Borders Prize has been awarded every year since 1992 to a journalist and a news media in different parts of the world that have made a significant contribution to the defence and promotion of press freedom. It is presented in December by an international jury/panel of journalists and human rights activists. - Reporters without borders' prize laureates since 1992

- 2012:

Journalist: Mazen Darwish - Syria

Media: 8Sobh - Afghanistan

- 2011:

Journalist: Ali Ferzat - Syria

Media: Weekly Eleven News - Burma

- 2010:

Journalist: Abdolreza Tajik - Iran

Media: Radio Shabelle - Somalia

- 2009:

Journalist: Amira Hass - Israel

Media: Dosh - Chechnya

- 2008:

Journalist : Ricardo Gonzales Alfonso - Cuba

Media: Radio Free NK - North Korea

Cyberdissidents: Zarganar - Burma and Nay Phone Latt - Burma

- 2007:

Journalist : Seyoum Tsehaye - Eritrea
Media: Democratic Voice of Burma - Burma
Press Freedom Defender: Kareem Amer - Egypt
Special China Prize: Hu Jia, Zeng Jinyan - China

- 2006:

Journalist: U Win Tin - Burma
Media: Novaya Gazeta - Russia
Press Freedom Defender: "Journalist in danger" - DRCongo
Cyberdissident: Guillermo Fariñas Hernández - Cuba

- 2005:

Journalist: Zhao Yan - China
Media: Tolo Tv - Afghanistan
Press Freedom Defender: National Union of Somalian Journalists - Somalia
Cyberdissident: Massoud Hamid - Syria

- 2004:

Journalist: Hafnaoui Ghoul / Algeria
Media: Zeta - Mexico
Press Freedom Defender: Liu Xiaobo - China

- 2003:
Journalist: Ali Lmrabet - Morocco

Media: The Daily News - Zimbabwe
Press Freedom Defender: Michèle Montas - Haiti

- 2002: Grigory Pasko - Russia ---------

- 2001: Reza Alijani - Iran

- 2000: Carmen Gurruchaga - Spain

- 1999: San San Nweh - Burma

- 1997: Raúl Rivero - Cuba

- 1996: Isik Yurtçu - Turkey

- 1995: Christina Anyanwu - Nigeria

- 1994: André Sibomana - Rwanda

- 1993: Wang Juntao - China

- 1992: Zlatko Dizdarevic - Bosnia-Herzegovina --------- ------ entr2<-]



Reporters Without Borders launched the World Day against cyber-censorship back in 2008 in order to protect a single Internet, free and accessible to all. Google has partnered with Reporters Without Borders in 2010 to award the annual Netizen who recognizes a user, blogger or cyber-dissident who has distinguished himself through investigative reporting, projects or other initiatives which has helped advance online freedom of information and which is likely to inspire fellow netizens around the world. The laureate receives a prize money of EUR 2,500. Chosen by the Research Department of Reporters Without Borders, the Netizen Prize nominees are submitted to the vote of an international jury composed of Reporters Without Borders sections' presidents around the world. For the first time in 2013, the Netizen of the Year was elected by the Internet public, who were invited to cast their vote online.


- 2013 : Huynh Ngoc Chenh (Vietnam)

« This award represents an inspiration to me as well as for all bloggers, independent journalists in Vietnam, those who face the restrictions about the right of freedom of expression. » -----

- 2012 : The media center of the Local Coordination Committees (Syria)

« The Netizen Prize proves that our voices were heard and that we succeeded in delivering the stories of millions of Syrians who are struggling on the ground to achieve what they have always dreamed - to live in freedom and dignity. »


- 2011 : Nawaat.org Blog (Tunisia)

« This award is not only a tribute to Nawaat but to all our fellow journalists who often risk their lives to keep working in countries where freedom of expression is suppressed. » ----- - 2010 : Iranian women’s rights activists of the Change for Equality (www.we-change.org) website

« This prize is not just for single website. It rewards the efforts of all those who fight for free expression in Iran. Some of them are in prison. I dedicate this prize to them. »
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Updated on 25.01.2016