Newsback adopts the Journalism Trust Initiative to help identify reliable news sources


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and Newsback, a media repository that tracks the source and authenticity of information, announce a partnership to facilitate the identification of trustworthy news sources using the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI)Newsback, co-signatory with RSF of Pledge No. 22 of the European Union’s Enhanced Code of Practice on Disinformation, is the first online platform to adopt the JTI mechanism for identifying trustworthy news sources.

Journalism against fake news, navigating the information chaos

At a time when disinformation is circulating on an increasingly massive scale, it has become vital to restore the public’s trust in information and to promote and facilitate access to quality journalism capable of encouraging the development of better-informed opinions and decisions.

Launched by RSF in 2019, the JTI aims to identify and promote reliable sources of information and trustworthy news media. Incorporated in 2022 into the EU’s Enhanced Code of Practice on Disinformation, the JTI has developed a machine-readable certification based on a list of criteria developed in collaboration with more than 130 stakeholders, including news organisations, academic actors , regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, tech companies and media development organisations.


Facilitating access to source verification tools

As part of its commitment to combat disinformation and to facilitate access to tools that can trace content back to its provenance in order to establish its authenticity, Newsback naturally wanted to support and promote this initiative launched by RSF. Users of the Newsback platform – which include media, institutions and companies – will now be easily and quickly guided by the JTI label to media sources whose reliability is recognised and certified.

More than 500 media outlets around the world – including France Télévisions, RTE News, SWI and CBC/Radio-Canada – are currently at different stages of JTI implementation.


About RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) defends and promotes journalistic freedom, independence and pluralism, and defends those who embody these ideals. Headquartered in Paris, it has 14 bureaux and sections around the world, a network of correspondents in 134 countries, and consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the International Organisation of the Francophonie.


About Newsback

A unique repository of multimedia content, Newsback helps content creators (media, institutions and companies), online content platforms and the public to track the journey of a piece of content back to its provenance. An indispensable tool for identifying content origin and authenticity and combatting disinformation, Newsback also helps to monitor plagiarism and content parasitism, to protect the rights attached to content, and to protect personal data.

A subsidiary of Aday founded in 2020, this first media monitoring service platform has already indexed several billion pieces of content (text, photos, video and audio) and continues to monitor all French and European news and information content.


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