New RSF report on obstacles to investigative journalism in Bulgaria

At a time when Bulgaria's parliament has supported controversial legal amendments that force media to reveal the sources of their income adding pressure on media that rely on foreign donations to maintain their editorial independence, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is publishing a new report that sheds light on the obstacles and pressure to which investigative journalism is subjected in Bulgaria.

What with oligarchs exercising a media monopoly and authorities suspected of corruption or organized crime links, journalists are exposed to many forms of pressure and intimidation when trying to perform their reporting duties in Bulgaria, which has the lowest ranking of any European Union member in RSF's latest World Press Freedom Index – 111th out of 180 countries.


Nonetheless, despite the growing obstacles and threats to press freedom, the Internet seems to be a means of guaranteeing a safe and promising platform for journalists who want to pursue their investigative reporting and maintain their editorial independence.


The report can be read here

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Updated on 17.10.2018