Mongolia: RSF calls for media reform to tackle corruption

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Mongolian political parties and the candidates to the coming legislative election to voice their commitment to support newsroom independence as the best way to tackle corruption.

With legislative elections in Mongolia approaching on June 24th, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has asked candidates and political parties to commit to improving media freedom in the country as a way to combat endemic corruption. 

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urged Mongolia’s parliamentary candidates and political parties to strengthen transparency and independence of the newsroom from the boardroom; protect journalists and sources against judicial, physical and online harassment; scale-up public media resources and strengthen guarantees of independence; establish an independent process against disinformation; and to make media literacy an integral part of the education system.

“When journalists don’t have to risk compromising their sources or fear retributive lawsuits and when editorial departments have the ability to publish stories independent of political or commercial pressure, the media will be able to more easily bring corruption cases to the attention of the public, therefore triggering a strong dissuasive effect,” said Cédric Alviani, RSF East Asia bureau head. 

Although Mongolia globally respects the principles of liberty and media pluralism, its regulation still lacks basic legal protections for confidential sources and current defamation laws lead to journalistic self-censorship or harsh fines.

Mongolia ranked 73rd out of 180 in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

The letter was published in the following media:

  • Unuudur (in Mongolian)
  • UB Post (in English)

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Updated on 04.06.2020