Insurance for freelance journalists

Reporters Without Borders is offering freelance or affiliated reporters the opportunity to take out an insurance policy through them. Too often, reporters are assigned to cover without insurance. Exorbitant costs and a lack of information are the main reasons. Reporters Without Borders signed an agreement with APRIL International Canada to offer competitively-priced coverage to freelance reporters.

Membership with Reporters Without Borders is mandatory to purchase insurance through the organization.

Since Reporters Without Borders has been offering this program, in 2009, several hundred journalists have purchased an insurance policy with Reporters Without Borders, notably to go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Ukraine or Syria.

The policies provide two different plans which apply:

  • 24/7, worldwide
  • For any work assignment, short or long term
  • Outside your country of permanent residence
  • Even if you are already at your destination.

US based reporters are not eligible to these insurance plans.

- Solution 1, Single trip Essential Plan:

At a cost of € 2.64 or $2.64 US per day, you can benefit from an assistance and repatriation guarantee for medical emergencies. It is also possible to purchase a property and casualty coverage, including, in particular, the loss, theft or damage to baggage, flight cancellation and liability. War risk is covered.

The following countries at high risk are excluded from the Essential Plan: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Democratic Republic of Congo (Ituri, North Kivu, South Kivu border areas of South Sudan and Uganda), Somalia, Yemen, Georgia and the following regions of the Russia: Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia.

-Solution 2, Extended Plan:

Compared to solution 1, this plan offers the following additional benefits:

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions (asthma , heart problems ... ) should complications related to said conditions arise during your mission
  • Coverage of embedded missions in military or government units (land air and sea)
  • Possibility of a benefit in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment during a work assignment
  • All destinations are covered
  • All extreme reporting requirements are eligible (see conditions in the insurance police)

The cost of the Extended Plan varies depending on destination and length of stay. This insurance is available to journalists of any nationality traveling outside their home country.

To purchase insurance from Reporters Without Borders or request a quote, please contact

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