Help with the Reporters Without Borders Digital Survival Kit

Edward Snowden’s revelations about the US security agencies’ electronic surveillance programmes, the repeated cyber-attacks on the sites of the New York Times and Washington Post and the US Department of Justice’s seizure of the Associated Press’ phone records have all confirmed the scale of the threats to which journalists, bloggers and netizens are exposed. The challenge for news providers nowadays is not just circumventing online censorship but also knowing how to protect their communications and their data from being accessed by governments, even in the most developed democracies.

In November 2012, Reporters Without Borders launched, a new website for combatting censorship. The site includes a “Digital Survival Kit,” a collection of articles and manuals that explain to news providers how they can circumvent online censorship and ward off online surveillance. Written by experts in digital security, these manuals are accessible to everyone and require no specialist computer knowledge. Available in French, English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese and (soon) Spanish, this Digital Survival Kit will be constantly updated to keep abreast of technical developments. The contribution of new content to these manuals is open and is based on the practices of the open-source software world. Reporters Without Borders has created a wiki at this address,, at which the ongoing contributions are accessible to all. Anyone can access this wiki. If you are a security expert, hacker, computer enthusiast or geek journalist, and if you would like to help to develop the Reporters Without Borders Digital Security Kit, request access to the wiki by sending an email to [email protected]. All persons of goodwill are welcome!
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Updated on 25.01.2016