Deutsche Welle Launches Russian Channel on RSF’s Svoboda Satellite Package Ahead of Russian Presidential Elections

As the world gears up for the Russian presidential elections scheduled for 17 March, Deutsche Welle (DW) announces the launch of a dedicated Russian channel tailored for the Svoboda satellite package, operated by Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

The launch of a dedicated Russian channel tailored for the Svoboda satellite package comes as part of RSF’s and DW's commitment to fostering independent journalism and providing credible news coverage to Russian-speaking audiences. The timing of the launch coincides with heightened anticipation surrounding the Russian presidential elections. 

Integrating the new channel into the Svoboda satellite package will enable DW to reach millions more Russian households. It will offer comprehensive coverage of the upcoming elections and serve as a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. DW's Russian channel will feature a diverse range of programming, including in-depth analysis, interviews with key stakeholders, and will provide audiences with comprehensive insights into the elections and its implications.

“The Russian government is actively preventing people in Russia from gaining access to independent information. The situation is becoming increasingly tense, making the initiative by Reporters Without Borders more important than ever before. Svoboda opens an additional way to reach Russian speakers with independent information and to take a stand against disinformation and propaganda.

Peter Limbourg
DW Director General

“Our Svoboda package is proud to be the first to broadcast DW’s great new Russian channel.  We envisioned that Svoboda could be like a wellspring for independent Russian language content.  That vision is becoming a reality.

Christophe Deloire
RSF secretary general

The Svoboda project is operated by RSF and builds upon an idea by the Denis Diderot Committee. Named after the Russian word for "freedom," the Svoboda Satellite Package is a comprehensive broadcasting solution designed to bring reliable news sources to regions and populations fed by disinformation and propaganda. 

The package is accessible to 4.5 million households within the Federation of Russia and approximately 800 thousand in occupied Ukraine. All of these households currently watch television from this satellite position and do not require any additional equipment to view the new channels.

The project will feature up to 25 television channels on Eutelsat’s popular Hotbird satellite, located at 13E.

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