The International Declaration on Information and Democracy is establishing fundamental principles for the global information and communication space, which its preamble defines as a “common good of humankind.” The management of this space “is the responsibility of humankind in its entirety, through democratic institutions,” the preamble adds.

This six-page document published on November 5th 2018, sets out democratic guarantees for the READ THE DECLARATIONHEREfreedom, independence, pluralism and reliability of information at a time when the public space has been globalized, digitalized and destabilized.

The Declaration rolls out in 5 parts:

  • Preamble: The global space of information and communication, a common good of humankind
  • Principles
  • Entities that create means, architectures and norms for information and communication
  • Media and journalism
  • Toward an international framework for information and democracy
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