Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Increasing media concentration

Czech journalists face major challenges, including threats to public broadcasting from government-controlled supervisory bodies and online smear campaigns, with the result that there are fewer and fewer critical journalists. At the same time, intemperate verbal attacks against journalists by officials at the highest level has fuelled distrust of the media and violence against journalists and media workers. There is growing concern about the concentration of media ownership in the hands of a few oligarchs. This process culminated in October 2019 with the acquisition of the CME media group – which includes TV Nova, the leading commercial TV channel – by Petr Kellner, the country’s wealthiest billionaire. Although Kellner denies any political interests, extensive research by two Czech investigative reporters revealed that a Kellner-owned consumer credit company, with a significant presence in China, had funded a PR campaign that mobilized a network of experts and journalists with the aim of improving China’s image in the Czech Republic.

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