Brazil joins the International Partnership for Information and Democracy

By officially joining this coalition, Brazil becomes the 51st signatory state of the Partnership and joins hands with member countries and civil society in strengthening democratic governance of the information space. 

On August 31st, the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced Brazil’s commitment to the Partnership for Information and Democracy:  “By joining the Partnership, Brazil seeks to encourage principles of transparency, accountability and neutrality in communication activities, including in virtual media”. 

Brazil thus becomes the 51st signatory of the Partnership, initiated by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and France in 2019. It commits itself to working with the other signatory states and its implementing entity, the Forum on Information and Democracy, which has already developed hundreds of policy recommendations that can feed into Brazil’s current and future regulatory initiatives.

It is urgent that democracies join forces to provide democratic guarantees in the information space. In the face of private interests and authoritarian regimes, Brazil is joining the only international forum of democratic governments that makes this possible. We look forward to working with the Brazilian authorities.

Christophe Deloire
Chair of the Forum on Information and Democracy

The Partnership’s regular working meetings and annual Summits facilitate systematic sharing of experiences and best practices across signatory countries. As a result, democracies can more effectively regulate technology platforms and safeguard our information ecosystem. 

The Forum on Information and Democracy will conduct a technical seminar in Brazil with its partners in December to reinforce this work.

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