Attacks against the media under President Jair Bolsonaro: brazilian cartoonists help out

For this report, RSF established a partnership with Cartooning For Peace, an international network of socially and politically committed cartoonists. Three Brazilian cartoonists, Aroeira, Amorim and Machado, were particularly interested in the subject of the Bolsonaro system’s attacks on the media and agreed to illustrate the report. Like its journalists, Brazil’s press cartoonists are often threatened and attacked in connection with their cartoons. RSF pays homage to them here.

Renato Machado: This cartoonist has worked for most of Brazil’s leading newspapers and has been a staff cartoonist at Jornal Extra since 2010. He has received many prizes including the 2009 Vladimir Herzog Award, which is given to journalists who distinguish themselves in their coverage of human rights issues.

Carlos Alberto da Costa Amorim: Amorim began his career at Pasquim, a prominent satirical weekly in the 1980s. His work has been exhibited at many international events and is widely published in leading Brazilian media.


Renato Aroeira: This cartoonist was the target of an abusive lawsuit brought in 2020 by justice minister André Mendoça (and subsequently abandoned) in response to a cartoon critical of the Bolsonaro government. He has been attacked and threatened many times in connection with his work, which appears regularly on the Brasil 247 news site.

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Updated on 28.07.2021