Argentina: RSF and SembraMedia to offer a JTI Fast Track program for digital publishers

An initial step into the South America media landscape in partnership with SembraMedia, 20 Argentinian media outlets will benefit from an accelerated access to the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), a mechanism developed by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) favouring eligibility to funding and privileged algorithmic indexation with Microsoft and other key platforms.

Large scale access in Argentina to the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) – a tool for news organisations to implement and use to stand out as it provides a detailed external signal on their commitment to transparency, ethical standards and responsibility – will be possible thanks to the collaboration of RSF and SembraMedia. This original format named JTI Fast Track will include support for selected media outlets to become compliant with the JTI criteria and will facilitate access to the certification stage of the initiative.

This program comes at a crucial time for Argentina that elects its new president on 19 November 2023. RSF and SembraMedia share a common vision of a news media sector that thrives because of their ethical journalistic practices. There is a need to revert the logic of the current media ecosystem and to favour those who commit to the highest standards in the industry.

Christophe Deloire
Secretary General, Reporters Without Borders

SembraMedia’s team of entrepreneurial journalists, consultants, and academics has deep knowledge of the political, economic, and media landscape in the region. They will engage with an existing network of digital publishers. Those that are motivated and that agree to participate will benefit from a thorough review of their level of transparency and professionalism. The goal is for them to strive for excellence and align as best as they can with the JTI criteria.

We’re honored to have been selected by RSF to introduce the JTI to media leaders we work with in Argentina. We believe that adopting the JTI can help digital media organizations in South America to increase their international credibility and visibility and attract the support they deserve for the vital journalism they publish.

Janine Warner
Executive Director, SembraMedia

At the end of this first program, RSF will distribute grants to those who are interested in an independent audit to receive, if successful, an official JTI Certification.

A growing number of funders, tech companies like Microsoft, marketers, AdTech companies, consumer associations and many more partners of the news publishing industry rely on this mechanism to safely distinguish who to do business with.

Over 850 newsrooms worldwide implement the JTI, with the JTI-APP as the go-to place to self-assess, adjust and find an independent auditor for the JTI Certification. Additional JTI Fast Track programs will soon be announced in countries including Benin, Bulgaria, Moldova, countries in the Near East, Nigeria, Senegal and the USA. Launched for the first time in Ukraine under the JTI Emergency Protocol, the program was extended in October 2023 in partnership with international and local organizations.

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