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Based in Prague, Akhbor is an independent news website covering Tajikistan, neighbouring central Asian countries and issues involving migrant workers in Russia. It was created in 2016 by Mirzo Salimpur, a former correspondent of Radio Ozodi (the Tajik-language service of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) who had been the politics and business editor of Tajikistan’s first independent newspaper, Charoghi Ruz, in the early 1990s. Forced to operate clandestinely for security reasons, Akhbor’s correspondents have covered the coronavirus pandemic’s impact in Tajikistan, providing the local population with essential information that the authorities wanted to cover up. The blocking of its website since December 2017 was made official by the supreme court on 19 March 2020 on the spurious pretext of links with “terrorist and extremist organizations.”

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Updated on 06.11.2020