Victims of the security situation

The past year was a particularly deadly one for journalists in Afghanistan. At least 15 journalists and media workers were killed, many in targeted attacks on the media. By sowing terror in some regions, the Taliban and Islamic State militants have created information black holes. In some provinces, the Taliban forced the media to pay arbitrary taxes that were tantamount to ransoms. Many governors and local officials are meanwhile unable to accept the principle of media independence, and the police and military have been implicated in several cases of violence against journalists. The decline in security has had a direct impact on the number of women working in the media. Many of them have been forced to abandon their work because of growing threats and the climate of violence they face. In response to the threats, the Afghan authorities and media representatives have jointly launched coordination committees for the safety of journalists and media.

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120 in 2017

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39.46 in 2017

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