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North Macedonia

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The current government cut the advertising in the media, that was a powerful tool of the previous one for control over media and abuse of state funds. However, the local municipalities are allowed to advertise in local media and it remains a tool for pressure. There was also a potentially risky move from the ruling party to pay advertisments in the media in order to advertise the achievements of the government. This practice was condemned by the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM).
In the field of enhancing self-regulation and working standards of the professional journalists, there are two ground-breaking achievements:
A Register of Professional Online Media which has about 70 members was created by the Council of Media Ethics (CMEM) and AJM. The initiative promotes self-regulation of online media by committing them to respect the Code of Journalists and publishing decisions by the CMEM.
The Charter on journalists’ working conditions and the draft Fair Working Contract for journalists and media workers in digital media was also signed by Trade Union of Macedonian Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) in collaboration with AJM and the CMEM, committing to respect all journalists’ and media workers’ labor rights, their freedom of expression as well as ethical and professional standards. Regrettably, senior government officials have an engrained tendency to threaten and insult journalists. The culture of impunity is well-entrenched and still an obstacle for journalist's safety. The number of the physical attacks on journalists declined, however there is a growing practice of cyber-bullying and verbal abuse.

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