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To President Obama,

Mr President, Austin chose to go to Syria as a freelance journalist to report on the conflict there.

His work was published by the McClatchy Newspapers, the Washington Post, Associated Press, AFP, as well as CBS, NPR, and BBC.
His reporting was awarded the 2012 George Polk Award for War Reporting and the 2012 McClatchy Newspapers President’s Award.
On August 14, 2012, three days after his 31st birthday, Austin was taken captive near Damascus.

Mr. President, I urge you, fully within the responsibilities and obligations of your Office, to use all available diplomatic means to bring Austin Tice safely home.

Syria is the world's most dangerous country for journalists, according to Reporters Without Borders.

As you have said, journalists give us the chance to know the truth about our world; that makes us better.

Without journalists, the world wouldn’t know about the Syrian human
drama. Without journalists, we are all deprived of information, we are
all blindfolded.


Every voice counts, act.

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