Administration Board

The Administration Board of Reporters Without Borders consists of 25 governors who are elected by secret ballot of the members of Reporters Without Borders at the organization’s Annual General Assembly. Any active member who is up-to-date with his or her membership subscription can be a candidate for membership of the Administration Board.

The members of the Administration Board meet at least four times a year. The Administration Board oversees implementation of the overall courses of action adopted at the Annual General Assembly. It sets goals and determines the activities that should be carried out.

From among its members, the Administration Board elects an Executive Bureau tasked with ensuring implementation of the courses of action and decisions that have been adopted by the Board and Annual General Assembly.

The Administration Board is composed of :


Pierre Haski

Co-founder and former director of the information pure-player "Rue89"


Françoise Sivignon

President of Médecins du Monde


Jean-Michel Boissier 

Former editor-in-chief of the magazine Le Blogueur on the Arte channel

Executive committee

Michael Bergmeijer

Former director-general of Reuters Europe West and South

Frédéric Filloux 

 Publisher of the Monday Note newsletter

Paola Sandoval


Elaine Sciolino

Journalist and former director of New York Times in Paris


Angela Charlton

Head of the Associated Press in Paris

Phil Chetwind

Global News Director at AFP

Elaine Cobbe

CBS correspondent in Paris and representative of Dart Center

Bertrand Delcros

Member of the Observatoire de la Déontologie de l’Information (ODI) and former law director of Radio France

Hadani Ditmars


Louis Dreyfus

President of Le Monde group

Philippe Jahshan

President of Coordination Sud and Mouvement Associatif

Julie Joly

Director of the Centre de formation des journalistes (CFJ)

Odile Marquant-Berthoux

Teacher in media education

Cécile Mégie

Radio France International Director

Paul Moreira

Founder and head of the Premières Lignes agency

Déo Namujimbo


Eyoum Ngangue

Founder of the association Journalistes Africains en Exil (JAFE)

Martine Ostrovsky

Jurist and lecturer in media law

Michael Rediske

President of the of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) German office

Pascal Roux

Lawyer, Vice-President of the International and Development Law Organization (IDLO)

Elaine Sciolino

Journalist and former director of New York Times in Paris

Abdoulaye Traoré


Gérard Tschopp

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Switzerland president